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May 1, 2011

Dodd picks a Peck

by Me

So, you’re finished with a long career in politics, having reached the high and mighty office of senator. But now you’re done. It’s all over. Off to the golf course and, if you’re Chris Dodd, to Hollywood.

Why was Chris Dodd in LA launching a stamp of all things?

That’s right — The Hollywood Reporter this week reported that Mr. Dodd was in La-la Land this week alongside, of all the people in the world, Sharon Stone and Morgan Freeman to usher in a new Gregory Peck commemorative stamp for the U.S. Postal Service.

This is so dumb in so many ways. Let’s list the idiocy, in the hope it makes some sort of rational sense after the exercise:

1. Why the heck is Dodd chief of the MPAA?

2. Does the post office really think a Peck stamp is going to revive its flagging business? (Maybe, considering the age of people who actually send letters these days.)

3. Why in tarnation is Sharon Stone there? (The LA Times reported that Stone met Peck once, so that makes sense.)

4. Doesn’t Dodd have anything better to do?

Nope. Didn’t help a bit.

Oh, yeah, that's why.

April 27, 2011

The first ever basketball game played on an aircraft carrier

by Me

Talk about dumb.

Michigan State and the University of North Carolina will play, on Nov. 11, the first-ever NCAA basketball game on an aircraft carrier.

And this makes sense how?

Though no ship has been confirmed, it looks like the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan will pay host to the game, intended to honor servicemen and women.

And this isn’t a new idea — the “Carrier Classic,” as the game is being called, has been mulled around since 2009. And in all that time, nobody, not one person woke up one morning and said to themselves, “Wait a minute, Why are we doing this?”

Of all the ways to honor those in the military — oh, I don’t know, like giving them the training, tools and support they need to succeed in their jobs, providing adequate medical care after their tours of duty are completed or (just a shot in the dark here) putting a sensible limit on the number tours of duty one can serve — where does this idea really make it onto the list?

April 26, 2011

Altoona changes its name

by Me

It was reported today that the Pennsylvania city of Altoona will change its name — officially — to “POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.”

Morgan Spurlock, as he is best known.


It’s the title of Morgan Spurlock’s latest film, it’s a commentary on shameless advertising practices and it will only last 60 days, but it’s also the dumbest thing I’ve heard yet today.

If you need to actually change the name of a freaking town to get your point across, maybe it’s not a point that needs to be made.

It’s not the first time a town has changed its name to make a bit of scratch — Hot Springs, New Mexico changed its name to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico a while back, but look how well it worked out for them. Now nobody remembers what the heck Truth or Consequences was (a game show) and nobody’s heading to the town for the pleasant hot springs.

Granted, “Altoona” is a pretty dumb name, too.

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