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June 20, 2011

Hackers hit dating site with the ugly stick

by Me

Here’s a case where hackers did something positive.

Website hacks have become ever more prevalent these days. Lulzsec, for example, is credited with cracking the CIA’s site (and no, not the Culinary Institute of America) as well as PBS’ website.

If you look like this, don't bother dating at all. Unless you can find an enchanted princess chained to a rock by a dragon and who, therefore, can't run away.

You could make a case that throwing a thorn into the side of national security and public broadcasting is not that nice. But, according to media like The Guardian, among others, a group of hackers infiltrated and let 30,000 ugly faces in the front door.

In case you don’t know, is a dating site that relies on no fewer than three mortal sins — lust, pride and greed. In order to be accepted, a potential dater must be rated as beautiful, and the site itself boasts thousands of people rejected for not being pretty enough.

And it doesn’t end there — last year, 5,000 people were kicked off the site after Christmas when they appeared to have gained some weight.


Then the hackers opened the door.

“We got suspicious when tens of thousands of new members were accepted over a six-week period, many of whom were no oil painting,” managing director Greg Hodge told The Guardian.

Upwards of 30,000 “ugly” people were let in the door, many of whom were then kicked out, costing the site tons of cashola.

This is Monica Hansen, Miss Norway. Apparently all Norwegian women look like this.

Oh, by the way, the virus was called “Shrek,” after the animated ogre who proves that looks don’t matter.

Interestingly, it matters where you’re from. Swedes are the most represented nationality on the site, as are Norwegians. Brits, Irish and Americans, apparently, need not apply.

God bless those hackers. Score one for the homely.

May 4, 2011

TMI, Sheen, and MYOB

by Me

According to news sources, Charlie Sheen is sharing personal information about his former girlfriends.

Sheen apparently told the crowd during his Violent Torpedo of Truth tour that his then-girlfriend Kelly Preston shot herself in 1990.

Here’s what the website said about the situation:

Preston appeared naked at the top of the stairs covered in blood. He says that she had picked up a pair of his pants in the bathroom, without realizing his revolver was in the pocket. The gun fell to the ground and discharged. The bullet hit the toilet and shrapnel or a piece of broken porcelain hit Preston.

If Sheen needs to resort to sharing what might be  suicide attempt stories from former girlfriends to keep himself in the news, maybe he should call it quits. Of course, the story as told is not a suicide attempt story. No, it’s a boring bit of drivel that nobody cares about.

Of course, the other dumb thing about this is the celebrity worship we all seem to be guilty of. For example, Scarlett Johansson was in the news earlier this week, and trending on, because her hair color changed.

Great. Wonderful. Thanks. Definitely need-to-know information. Yeah.

April 28, 2011

Battle royale: Fishermen vs. hair dressers

by Me

It should be a core rule for life: If Kesha does it, don’t.

But millions aren’t taking that seemingly basic piece of advice, and fly fishermen are suffering as a result.

NPR’s Marketplace reported recently that the trend of putting rooster feathers in your hair  — made popular by Kesha and others — is giving fly fishermen a hard time.

You see, the same rooster tail feathers that go in your hair are used to make the lures fly fishermen use. And so many are heading off to salons that there aren’t enough left for the fishermen.

Now, I grant you, as problems of the world go, this ranks pretty low, but at least we have something else with which to blame celebrities: The degradation of morality, lower artistic standards and no brook trout on the table.

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