Dumb Disclaimer

Stuff found at Dumb Things of the Week are items we thought were dumb. That doesn’t mean you would find them dumb, but if you don’t, you’re wrong and are probably on the low end of the IQ scale yourself.

How do we define “dumb?” Well, if you read something or hear something and are compelled to raise your hands in the air, gaze up at Heaven and ask “why,” you might find it here.

The opinions contained herein are nobody’s really (not even mine), and reflect absolutely nothing about anyone.

And if you take anything found herein (or “in here,” as the case may be) too damn seriously, you’re probably dumber than the dumbest dud who ever flunked out of pre-k and should probably go home and take a Quaalude or something.


One Comment to “Dumb Disclaimer”

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