For God’s sake, put some clothes on

by Me

As a news site in Florida is reporting a pair of sunbathers crashed on a water scooter and had to get taken to the hospital.

What’s special about that? Well, let’s say the injured couple were going for that full-body suntan.

That’s right, as reports, two people were injured in a water scooter accident at Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee.

The kicker: They were both 62 years old.

Now imagine that portly gentelman on the right with two broken arms and bleeding profusely.

Now, let’s go ahead and imagine the scene. You’re an ambulance driver. A call comes on the radio reporting a water scooter crash. You turn on the lights, step on the gas and go. You arrive, you and your cohorts get the gurney out of the back of the ambulance and race to the scene to help and … OH MY GOD WILL YOU PEOPLE PLEASE PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! SHIELD YOUR EYES! AAAAHHHH!!

The unidentified couple were apparently traveling at a speed of about 40 mph when the water scooter they had borrowed from a friend hit a sea wall.

According to the report, the man suffered two broken arms, which means he’ll be wearing something, at least a few casts and a hospital gown (thank God) for a while.


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