Lawmaker, Sen. Prague, gives us a chance to say ‘penis’

by Me

It’s safe to say that state Sen. Edith Prague believes in the death penalty. Emphatically. So much so, in fact, that the tried and arguably true methods of electrocution and lethal injection are far too modest for her standards. Tarring and feathering? For wimps. Having the convict drawn and quartered? Getting closer, but not quite there yet.

See that look in her eye? She's thinking about hanging someone by the penis.

No, as reports, when it comes to people like Joshua Komisarjevsky, who allegedly took part in the rape and murder of a family in Cheshire, “they should bypass the trial and take that second animal and hang him by his penis from a tree out in the middle of Main Street.”

Which is an actual quote from an actual state senator in Connecticut.

While we at Dumb Things of the Week condemn Prague’s flagrant lack of respect for the judicial process and her apparent emphatic approval of cruel and unusual treatment — you can’t call being hung by the penis (heh) anything else — we applaud Prague’s complete lack of verbal filters, because  without people like her we’d have nothing to say.

Prague’s comments came in opposition to a bill that would abolish the death penalty, though perhaps it’s necessary to make it totally clear that hanging yet-to-be convicted criminals by their genitals in public is something we, well, frown upon.

Just saying.

UPDATE: Lawyers for Joshua Komisarjevsky have come out against Prague’s, um, suggestion, saying, “She could have simply announced her reversal in a more responsible manner without need for an anatomical reference.”

Read the full story in the New Haven Register by clicking HERE.


14 Comments to “Lawmaker, Sen. Prague, gives us a chance to say ‘penis’”

  1. She is right. You are just a bleeding heart liberal who wants to protect the criminals and continue to let the victims suffer.
    I agree the trial should be done. But after that, hang him by his penis in a public square.

  2. WOW! An they call the Tea Party violent…

  3. This senator ought to be fired. When we stoop to the level of depraved violence and sadism, we make it that much easier for violence to occur again in the future.

    • John, no it doesn’t. Do you think Josh K, or any of the like, care or even listen to what politicians say? They don’t read the news or follow current events. These are predatory animals that lurk about and do horrific things regardless of their surroundings. Do not blame anyone, or the words they speak, for another person’s violent actions. That’s a meek, weak, viewpoint you have there and it sickens me to read that someone’s words will make it easier for a monster to commit rape and murder in the future. NONSENSE!!!!! She wants him to pay for what he did, and pay with anguish and suffering. She wants to deter other sickos from doing such things, because the punishment will fit the crime and be AS horrific.

  4. Wow, where does it end? The law is acting just as viciously as this sick criminal…it’s getting so it is hard to tell the difference. That what “The rule of law” is all about: we don’t act the same as the criminal, or so I thought! Revenge may be sweet but it never has solved problems…or acted with justice!

  5. IF CONVICTED….make sure his gonads are included in the deal.

  6. I applaud Senator Prague, and agree with her comments about the punishment for the Cheshire murdering fiends. The heinous crime details, were not fully disclosed in court, but after Doctor Petit, the husband and father of the victims, revealed to legislators, what these animals had done to his loved ones, Senator Prague changed her mind from a no death penalty vote to a Yes. She was absolutely right, and I doubt that anyone who had a family member, who was raped, murdered and set on fire, would not hesitate, to do far worse to the criminals, than what Senators Prague.proposed. Finally, a politician says what is on her mind !

  7. That’s more like blood & gore../the death penalty should be used–like saying..” I’m right–and–your wrong “..
    The Chesire home invasion was like–ignoring the obvious..and looking for action on the side of money..
    The participants were talking drugs..gone bad..
    While the economy just begs for these types to be victims..supplying a ” elite ” group of suppliers with fresh bodies..
    Let’s not foget..and definitly don’t turn your backs on drug addicts.

  8. My goodness!!! Such language from a dyed in the wool Ct liberal.Not that I don’t agree,just sayin.

  9. Wowee! the NH Regurgitator got to print the word “penis” six times (not counting the comments from the Peanut Gallery) AND make a pun of it (“hung by the penis (heh)”). While the suggestion has a certain Old Testament cachet that will no doubt recommend itself to teabaggers — who I’m sure would not want to be hung by THEIR teabags, no matter WHAT their own crimes — it is far more redolent of the sort of mobocracy that society’s system of laws was crafted to hold in check; laws that insane ‘baggers like Jan Brewer want lifted while the multitudinous White Supremacist groups that have collected in the politics-of-fear cesspool Arizona has become go out looking for Hispanics to gun down (historical note: while Jan “The Man” once babbled incessantly about the “hundreds of headless bodies” baking in the Arizona deserts, murdered by illegal immigrants, much to her disgust — but no retraction of her lies — the Association of Arizona Law Enforcement Officers have combed their records of the last 20 years, and have not come up with a SINGLE instance of a headless body being found anywhere in Arizona. I’m sure the Klan will fix that soon.

    I hate to sound Old Testamental myself, but Komisarjevsky (and his mentor) subjected a woman and her two daughters to horror and pain and death of a level of depravity the sane human mind is incapable of imagining, and left their a father and husband with a grief it is impossible to understand how he can endure.

    Hayes and Komisarjevsky are both lower than any animal — animals don’t kill for pleasure as humans do. Hanging them by their dicks, or lighting them up in the electric chair, would give them a brief moment of pain, and then the nothingness of death. Death is too utterly kind a punishment for Hayes and Komisarjevsky — they should live the rest of their miserable lives — with NO chance of parole — in the general prison population. I can imagine that being raped and beaten on a regular basis might give them some sort of insight into what their victims went through. That’s the punishment they deserve.

    • I would have to agree with you on all counts. The horrors that Truman Capote documented in his book “In Cold Blood” make his killers look like rank amateurs in comparison to the sadistic bastards that tortured this poor woman and her two girls. The death sentance is an easy out for them. The poor father will relive these horrors the rest of his life.

      As for what Prague said….aren’t we all getting used to politicians who say things strictly for the benefit of generating buzz on their behalf. I don’t take any of them seriously as they will shift to whatever philosopical movement has momentum at the time.

  10. This is the only time I have ever agreed wit Sen. Prague.

  11. She’s right,,but to hang him by that, you could hang him ANYPLACE,,because he IS one,,,soon a dead one. I would prefer him and Hayes both to be hung.THEY DIDN’T CARE IF THOSE GIRLS SUFFERED, SUDDENLY WE NEED TO CARE IF THEY SUFFER?? NOT!!!!!!

  12. Komisarjevsky did not allegedly participate in the rape and murder of a CT. family. He was caught red handed and has offered to plead guilty in order to not get the death penalty, there is no doubt in this case. Since this state is likely to repeal the death penalty, with one of the arguments being the cost of appeals and such, the senator is absolutely correct in what she said. There’s no reason to waste anymore time or money on these animals and if you took a poll of the people I bet you’d find a large majority who agree with Senator Prague, I know I do. Actually I think they should take that animal outback and hang him upside down from his penis while it’s nailed to a tree and let him die horribly and painfully.

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