What not to post on Facebook

by Me

Michael P. Adams is probably kicking himself right now, and he deserves every regret-filled smack he gets.

He's smiling because he's been elected governor. Which means he doesn't have to take your crap anymore.

As The Hartford Courant reported, Adams was arrested this week for allegedly posting a threat on his Facebook profile. And he didn’t threaten just anyone, police say. They say he threatened the governor.

According to the Courant, which used a statement from the Connecticut State Police, Adams decided it was a good idea to say on his Facebook page that “he hoped that Governor Malloy [would] be shot by an angry New Yorker during his visit to New York.”

Is that technically a threat? Well, maybe not, but there are some universal although unwritten rules regarding social media, and rule No. 1 is “Don’t say a politician should die.” It’s right up there with “Don’t sell drugs on Twitter” and “Don’t spread child pornography on LinkedIn.” Well, don’t spread child pornography anywhere — but you get the point.

You see, Mr. Adams, as you might have learned in the preceding 36 years, people with virtual (or real) armies at their control, like mayors, governors, presidents and Justin Bieber, don’t take kindly to even vague threats. And social media is, well, social. The two don’t mix.

If you feel like throwing threats out there, try threatening some fictional characters, like “Gee, I wish Holden Caulfield would get stabbed,” or “Somebody should shoot Count Rugen from ‘The Princess Bride.'” Much safer.

But when he puts Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" on the stereo, run.


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