Chickens don’t fly

by Me

“Fly like an eagle,” the song says, and from Daedelus onward flight has been the dream of mankind (and birdkind, we must assume).

Enter Yves Rossy, the Swiss-born lunatic who decided not to let mere physics get in the way of achieving that dream. Rossy is known as the “JetMan,” thanks to his winged jet pack, and a complete lack of imagination on the part of whoever gave him the moniker.

But Rossy came up against a stunt that was too stupid even for a man who straps a jet engine to his butt — Rossy had planned to fly over the Grand Canyon, garnering a media buzz, but apparently then decided something along the lines of, “What the Hell am I thinking?” and backed out at the last minute.

Now let’s give the man his due — Rossy had previously flown from England to France successfully, using his rocket-powered death trap. And, to be clear, he doesn’t start from the ground — he jumps out of a helicopter, which we think is kind of cheating.

The Grand Canyon flight was to bee a bit more dramatic. He had planned to spend 15 minutes up in the air, just to stick it to all of us ground-burdened slugs, doing whatever kind of acrobatics he dared to do.

So, why, after so much success did Rossy decide the Grand Canyon flight was not to be? He says he didn’t have enough time to train, which is strange (and probably code for “I chickened out”) considering that he’s been talking about the flight for years.

In added dumbness, the FAA actually approved the 51-year-old’s flight, in what must have been the regulatory version

of “We dare you.”

Check out a video of Rossy’s completely¬†unnecessary skill below.

UPDATE: The Jetman has proved the title of this article incorrect. As Swissinfo reports, Rossy has completed his task and actually flown across the Grand Canyon. At 8,000 feet or so, Rossy dropped out of a helicopter, and flew across and above the rim of the canyon at 190 miles per hour for about eight minutes.

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2 Comments to “Chickens don’t fly”

  1. Dumb Things of the Week : This website.
    Roissy is a former military jet pilot and currently a commercial pilot. And he has invented something completely new. What has the author of this article done lately? Blogged in his jammies?

  2. Blogging …. now THAT’S a “completely unnecessary skill.”

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