Yo, I’m the Mayor of Danbury and I’m here to say …

by Me

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton thinks he’s cool, or he wants the kids to think he’s cool, but like all older people trying to navigate the world of youthful slang, he doesn’t come off looking cool, he comes off looking dumb.

Apparently Boughton, who says he’s been using Twitter since 2008, likes to refer to himself as the Notorious B.I.G.

The Wall Street Journal reports that, when announcing a new app for the iPhone that will allow city residents to share their municpal concerns, he used the hashtag #BigPoppagotanewtoy. Seriously. Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

Are there any similarities between Boughton and B.I.G.? You be the judge.

“I goof around and talk about American Idol, but then I can also use it to communicate with residents in real time about important issues,” is what Boughton told The Journal, which means he looks pretty lame to all those hep cats and cool chicks (words he’d probably use) he’s trying to attract.

Boughton, by all accounts, is pretty smart, but using rap terminology makes him look, well, the opposite.

Boughton’s not the only one who uses modern entertainers as vehicles on his Twitter feed. U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, who is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate, tweeted the following on Feb. 17:

“Oh wait…just heard what Biebs said about abortion. Ugh. #timetobequietagainjustin #bieberfevercured”

Earlier that month, apparently attempting to garner the votes of residents 5-years-old and younger, he Tweeted this:

You know, these two do look somewhat alike.

“Every episode of Thomas the Train has a major accident. DOT needs to shut this shoddy RR down ASAP.”

Before that, he showed his knowledge of hip-hop with the following tweet:

“Is it me, or is the new Diddy song a total @kanyewest ripoff? #questionsforlongcarrides”

So, Boughton, apparently, has nothing on Murphy.


One Comment to “Yo, I’m the Mayor of Danbury and I’m here to say …”

  1. They should make a movie about this guy. And name it Bulworth.

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